Honour Hiers Stewart / BOTANICAL FILM ARTIST

USA 704-222-1364

I am an artist appealing to the natural world. I am an artist of the science and biology of our planet. An artist heightening the awareness of our beautiful flora and its usefulness to us. An artist reconnecting the people to the things that revolve in our cycle of life. An artist focusing on the tangible and real; not the superficial and absurd. An artist who promotes the good as visible in the world. An artist who elevates and encourages the potential and skills of all. An artist that embraces all the senses and explores what is unknown. An artist returning us to our roots and all that makes us ful-filled and whole.

The plants have called me; and, this is my life's work. God grant me the 120 years on earth and certainly I will have seen and photographed most all of your glorious specimen as well as shared them with all the world.